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john in Sydney
12 months agoJuly 11, 2021
Suburb to Life Expectancy has nothing to do with suburb you live in.
Smarter people have a far greater pro active approach to health - exercise, their diet and life style.

Proof is go to wealthy suburbs of Coles or Woolworths say in Sydney Australia and spend an hour at the check out watching what people buy in food trolleys. Then go to a poor suburb and do the same.  Yet Coles and Woolworths sell near identical items at all locations.

Poor areas have the trolleys mostly filled with processed food. Rich areas the opposite – mostly fresh produce.  Poor areas trolleys are full of Coca Cola, chips and cigarettes.

Yet this processed food Is not cheap as people argue why it is bought. Coca Cola is a fortune for tap water with some flavours and colouring added.  The price of chips and processed food versus their nutrional value is  very expensive…

You look at the rates of poker machine and online gambling – at record levels in all the poor suburbs of Sydney. Yet that is cash used – so poor people clearly have cash to produce in 2021 record hotel poker machines (and in regional areas) as reported on TV.

So poverty and life expectancy thus is a function of both laziness and free will.
john in sydney
12 months agoJuly 11, 2021
The issue in the west is white collar wages are 2-3 times more than they should be.  People I know (in my 35 year career) are making $200K a year being a  1970s equivalent of a basic clerk of works. That is a job with no direct reports, no decision making, controlling no bugets, and just copy and pasting from in house doucuments to feed to customers.  This is a $55K a year job.

On top of that the public service and corporate australia easily have 50% more white collars than they need.
12 months agoJuly 11, 2021
The global eductaion system is the problem.
Govts want people educated to a point they can pay  taxes, but not think for themselves too much.

Education is designed by the ruling class to create "tax sheep".

Religion is also a tool used to dumb people down and "turn the other cheek". So the poor stay poor and the rich get richer. But God will raise up the lowly so goes western christian dogma...
12 months agoJuly 11, 2021
"Start the conversation" ?
Abolish the system created 5 centuries ago by the Royal Families.
They are biggest private land owners in the world.
Until royalty has it's land nationalised - why would anyone else give up land ??
12 months agoJuly 11, 2021
Democary based on 4 year election cycles = Govt borrowing fortunes to create the illusion they are the best managers to get re-elected  !!!
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